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The GCCA+ SUPA project is about scaling up climate change adaptation measures in specific sectors supported by knowledge management and capacity building. The project places people in 10 Pacific Island countries at the centre of climate change adaptation efforts as the project seeks to strengthen the sectors responsible for providing water, food, health, marine resources and coastal protection.

Learning from the past, the project will enhance, replicate and strengthen existing on-the-ground measures so the five sectors can better withstand the increasing threats posed by climate change over the next 20 years. At the same time, SUPA will enhance the knowledge and skills of Pacific islanders to prepare and adapt to the ever-increasing impacts of climate change.

Key outputs

Following the design of criteria for scaling up, countries will select specific focus sectors and implement the scaling up of past successful climate change adaptation interventions through enhancement, expansion, strengthening or replication. This will be supported by mainstreaming climate and disaster resilience into sector policies, plans and budgets.

Focusing on local area stakeholders and especially sub-national governments, a needs analysis will be conducted, following which training in resilience will be delivered in each country informed by local contexts.

An impact methodology will be designed to assess past adaptation interventions. After testing in three countries, this will be integrated into a user-friendly database module, which can be added to existing national climate change portals so as to inform national decision-making.

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